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27 April 2009 @ 10:16 pm

I thought this layout would stay up a little longer.
22 April 2009 @ 09:42 pm
Damn, I deleted my Chuck icon.

Chuck 2.21Collapse )

Ahem. So the Habs got swept, eh? I didn't see that coming. Poor dudes. I thought that series was going seven games for sure. Calgary came back from 0-2! This gives me hope! Of course, if they win that series and we win we will play each other. UM. SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THAT.

edit: I made an icon so hurry up and watch the ep so I can uuuuuuuuuuse it!
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21 April 2009 @ 10:48 pm
Thank you, gods of not getting swept by the 8th seed. THAT WAS A LITTLE TOO CLOSE FOR MY LIKING.

I've accidently slept in the past two days so I should go to bed. I just wanted to share two quick thoughts:

1) TORREY FUCKING MITCHELL played tonight. You have to play a little better knowing that he's waiting for you in the locker room.

2) Prison Break is good again? WTF? I am actually anxiously awaiting the next ep! Although I am eternally heartbroken about Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucre. How could they take him away from me? :'(
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13 April 2009 @ 09:52 pm
New layout! Well, not really. Altered layout. It just has new images. :) I bet you can't guess the theme... let me give you a hint. It starts with "play" and ends in "offs".

Not much to say tonight, I have just been Stumbling all day and after the 3,000th web design blog post I read, I decided to play around with the only current personal webpage type thing I have. Which is this. One of these days I'll actually have to make myself a website, seeing as how I have like four clients I do websites for, not to mention the stuff I do at work? It's like the shoemaker's barefoot kids. hee.
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11 April 2009 @ 05:27 pm
For today, nothing else matters.

10 April 2009 @ 09:58 pm
I feel as though it's time to make another "old" folder in my bookmarks and drag 90% of my stuff in there.

It's weird to think about. I have an "old" folder in there now that's mostly marked old because it was from a computer transfer. But it does kind of represent a different time in my life. And I think I'm at another turning point. Now that I think about it, you actually can map out my life by computer changes.


Well, if you go way back the first computer I remember laying claim to was the one I shared with my mom and sister. All I really remember about it was that it had 4GB of hard drive space and was probably half full. hee. Funny, especially since I now carry around a 16GB drive on a keychain (which is new, by the way! Compliments of my lovely boss. It's meant for work-related purposes, but it's not like they're doing random inspections on the thing. It's a Kingston drive so I thought it was fitting to give him a royal name. And it's 16GB, thus, his name is Louis XVI. heheheh. ANYWAY). Then I got Mildred at the beginning of my fannishness, he (yes he) had the TV capture card so that was what I used for screencapping. That was probably 6th grade to maybe sophomore year. (Another aside. Did anyone else get really nostalgic and happy during the second-to-last ep of Lie To Me when Kelli showed up with straight hair? LINDSAY! heeeeeeeeeee.) Anyway. That took me through the first round of fannishness, The Practice, X-Files, and ER. Then I got another one, who never got named, which brought me through the rest of highschool, West Wing and Gilmore Girls. Then I got Julio, the laptop, and had that through college. If we're going by TV, that would be BSG and Lost. And now that I'm out of college and working I have my lovely Dmitri. Really, it matches up pretty well with my phases. I don't know which is cause and which is effect.

So anyway, I'm thinking of reorganizing my bookmarks. lol.

I feel like updating this thing more and more lately. I guess that's a reflection of my mental state-- when I do and don't want to talk about myself. I'm pretty content right now, despite the building I'm sitting in. After Spring Break, which is this coming up week, I'm getting serious about the apartment hunt and getting a car. It gets scarier the more I think about it, but I just need to take the leap. I am so ready, I just have to convince myself of that.

I'm listening to the Matt Pond PA free EP right now and it's really good. The three instrumentals are loooooooovely.

My dad is all offended because I don't want to go to Vegas with him and my mom. I don't know how to explain to them that hanging out with them is no longer cool. I guess I just thought it was something that doesn't need to be said! I tried "you and I don't have the same idea of 'fun'" but I don't think he translated that as I intended, which was, "if I'm going to Vegas I refuse to be sober past 11pm, and you are an old man". I also came this close to saying that I would have a bajillion times more fun if they went on vacation and I stayed here without them ;) In any case, I think I can hide behind not having any vacation days, because going for a weekend is dumb.

Speaking of vacation, I am going to see Denise next week! Yay for actually having spring break plans! This is the least lame I have been in quite a while.

I also got the Glasvegas CD just now. I have been surrounded by British accents today (Scottish, whatever). We had like a four hour meeting with this Apple dude this morning who was English, then I watched Bones with the English grad student, then I watched two episodes of Lie to Me, and now I'm listening to Glasvegas. It is really kind of difficult to not start talking in an accent, LOL.

I'm going to get some new shirts tomorrow for the trip because most of mine are now too big. WHAT UP.

One last note before I go: If the Sharks have back to back losses to Phoenix and LA to lose the President's Trophy, I will cry and cry. SO DON'T DO THAT OKAY BOYS? sheesh.
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23 March 2009 @ 09:32 pm
Exciting news of the week/year/decade: I got a haircut this weekend! You really cannot understand what a big deal this is for me. Let's just snap it into perspective: the last time I had a hairstyle change was in second grade. NO JOKE. For those of you playing along at home, that is FOURTEEN YEARS. Holy bajeezus. This is the first time I've done that math. This whole situation was kind of... utterly pathetic? eek.

No pictures because I think you dudes are all on Facebook, which is odd, now that I think about it. Lines between real life and the internet, consider yourselves blurred.

Anyway, it pretty much changes my entire life? So that's what's up with me!

Other news, in a nutshell:

  • The Sharks are winning again, Detroit lost tonight, and I just saw the thing with Semi from last night and JR and shaving cream and giggly Pickles and HOLY FUCKING GOD, Ryane Clowe in a suit. sdfhlsjdgaflshd.

  • I just noticed I can actually do a proper "asdfldhfjashl" now because I have started typing with two hands. I KNOW. Again, you cannot imagine how big these things are.

  • I have a new computer, and his name is Dmitri. This rounds out the family of electronic devices I have named as such: Julio, laptop. Daphne, work laptop. Mildred, old comp. Stevie, TV (unofficial). ummm... Shaffer, phone. Andre (Dre), camera. Rhett, external HD (Denise named this one). Willie D, work external HD. Jospehine, old and current iPod. Samuel T. Anders, once and future iPod (when I decide to spend the money to resurrect him. Right now he shares an astonishing amount with his namesake.) Alright, enough of that.

  • SPEAKING OF BSG. I am so effin' glad I gave up on this show two seasons ago. I haven't seen anything past... the one before Islanded. And you know what? I don't plan to. I have a slight interest in it from a purely anthropological standpoint, LOLZ. But aside from that, fuck you, Ron Moore. Now that I know he actually made it a point to do shit that pisses off the fans, this show completely makes sense. And I don't need that type of ass-hattery in my life. I don't need your military love interests! I don't need your epic space battles! I don't need your beautiful men in sweaty tanktops! We are done, sir. We. Are. Done.

  • Except I have one more thing to say. Am I the only one who thinks this show peaked at Home? I mean, honestly, what good happened after that? Okay, I take that back. Lee in a towel happened after that. As did Scar. And the loveliness of The Captain's Hand. Okay, BUT OTHER THAN THAT?? It was pretty much all downhill from there! The kick-in-the-nads of Black Market. The real beginning of Cylons having their own separate storyline (in the sense that it was from their point of view). FAT LEE. Sam being a pussy and letting Kara walk all over him. Lee and Kara and their quasi-half-assed-guilt-ridden affair. The utter ridiculousness of the human/cylon truce. I could go on for pages! Really, I could. I am forcing myself to stop.

  • This is the longest nutshell ever.

  • I am really sad about Natasha Richardson. The Parent Trap is supposed to be one of my happy movies, you guys! The whole situation just 100% sucks.

  • Apparently I am shipping Cal/Gillian from Lie To Me? Which is really hilarious considering the fact that I just figured out their full names last episode. I am a ship whore, what can I say.

  • Oh, re:icon. I am kind of over Sheldon/Penny. I read WAY too much fic (which is all excellent, by the way) and got really burnt out. Now I feel about them how I felt about CJ/Toby. I wouldn't be opposed to a relationship except they are just so absolutely perfect like they are now. So that's what I think about that.

  • re:the state of my life! Apparently I was all mopey because of the weather. I have no other explanation since it started being sunny and gorgeous a few weeks ago and I have been pretty okay with things since then. Not that I am not still totally disapproving of my current situation, but I've expertly compartmentalized it, like I do.

  • Which reminds me (somehow)! HOMG ER. That made. My. YEAR. I had no idea how much I wanted that until it was ON MY TV. You see that, Moore, you jack hole? It's called FAN SERVICE, BITCH. ahem.

  • I think that is enough bullets for now.

In conclusion:
This Switchfoot song that I've heard 80 billion times came on the other day and it is pretty fitting for my life right now. Yes, I am going to end with lyrics like a twelve year old girl. IT'S CALLED POIGNANCY OKAY.

"as time goes by
my dreams have become
that which is attainable
not what i'm looking for
but i've got the company car..."

Is that not the perfect description of adulthood? Sheesh.

Anyway, have a fine day.
04 February 2009 @ 05:57 pm
It's getting harder and harder to get out of the car.

For some reason this has been a tough week. I had a really good day on Friday-- we had a conference thing with the middle school lab teachers and basically just got to hang out with them all day. They brought us breakfast from Panera, then we had lunch at Baja Fresh, and afterwards we (minus 2/3 of the teachers) went to Rock Bottom after work for beer. And I sat next to Steve Joe at RB who is SO chatty and funny when he drinks, and my boss loosens up a bit (not that he's tense, but that brain-mouth filter fades a little), and it was just fun. And it was Friday, and it was payday, and life was just good.

And then I came home.

It's not that I hate being here. Objectively speaking I've got it pretty good at home. I don't get too much shit from my parents and they don't make me pay for anything. It's just that I know I'm so close to having more than this. I've said it before, I need a challenge. I am bored out of my fucking mind in my life. I don't care if I can barely make ends meet and I'm eating Top Ramen in the dark. It will be different, and it will be mine. I just need something to change. I have been here for too long. I'm ready for the next step. MORE than ready.

I've set June 1st as THE DAY. No excuses, I am moving my ass out by June 1st. And I also get a new computer (a desktop, WHAT? who gets desktops these days!). And I also get a new car. So, you know. Good times are ahead.

I made a craigslist bookmark of my search parameters for le apartment hunt and I check it daily. Sometimes several times if it's a bad day... Studios are looking like anywhere from 850 to 1000. This month 1 bedrooms are way down! The cheap 1br are the same as the higher studios. SWEET. So I may score myself a dedicated sleeping room!

Also, you may have noticed, I've decided to live alone. 2br are really not that much of a savings, and since all my cool friends are still in school and everything, I'd have to risk the whole don't-know-your-roomate thing and, no. I am 2/3 on that front but as you may recall, that one bad one was PRETTY EFFING BAD. So the single life it is. Plus a kitty. Ha!

In other news, the Bruins better start losing. jeezaloo!
12 November 2008 @ 09:40 pm
I was going to wait for an even 12 weeks, but I thought I should step in and stop my bleeding lameness.

and DAMN do I need some new icons. Sheesh.

Life is crazy right now. It's a good crazy, though. A really good crazy. There isn't enough time in the day to do everything I want to do, but I like what I'm doing. I love my job, you guys. I love it so much. As I'm typing this I'm wishing it was later so I could go to sleep and wake up to go to work sooner. The people I work with are incredible, I'm good at what I'm doing, it's really rewarding, and my boss loves me. I can't even tell you all the ways it's perfect for me. I was so wrong before; this job isn't holding me back from anything. I've learned so much in the last three months. I actually have things that are MY responsibility-- and it's because I'm the one with the expertise. My boss asks me for help sometimes. I mean... it's just awesome. I totally feel like an essential part of the team. And I think that's the thing I really needed-- to BE needed.

And then, of course, there are the external factors. My 13-3-1 Sharks. My Mr. President-Elect, if you please. This fucking country, man. I can't believe they actually did it. I am so proud.

This fucking STATE, on the other hand. Don't even get me started. I thought we were better than this. I am so ASHAMED to be a citizen of a place that would pass Prop 8. I can't even... I can't. I am disgusted and I don't want to talk about it anymore.

I feel like it's been too long to tell you everything. I just want you to know--

I'm happy.
Great day in the morning, people, victory is mine!

I start tomorrow. eeeee!